Burywood overview
Status: Entfernt
Orts-Typ: Stadt
Größe: Groß
Zombie-Häufigkeit: Sehr hoch
Zivile Gebäude: 8
Öffentliche Gebäude: 2
Waffengeschäfte: 1
Lebensmittelgeschäfte: 2
Tankstellen: 1
Im Bau befindliche Gebäude: 2
Dies ist ein veralteter Artikel zur Unturned Classic Version. Bitte Aktualisieren!
Dieser Ort ist nicht mehr im Spiel verfügbar.

Burywood ist ein alter Ort auf Prince Edward Island. Burywood ist eine Stadt, die sich östlich der O'Leary Militärbasis  und südlich des Tignish CampingplatzAPC's und Humvee's können hier spawnen.

This area is an ideal location for item looting; however, it is countered by the large amounts of zombies that spawn within the vicinity and is a primary target for bandits.


  • Burywood wurde während dem Update 2.1.4.
  • Es ist momentan die einzige Stadt, die einen Waffenladen, einen Friedhof und einen Metzger hat.
    • Es ist auch die erste Stadt, die kurvige Straßen hatte.
  • Burywood is currently the largest town in PEI and has the most zombie spawns among other places.
    • It is also the only location where all types of zombies spawn in (civilian, civil service and military zombies).
  • Burywood is named after the fictional town of Woodbury in the Comic/TV Series The Walking Dead, although reversed to not infringe on the trademark.
  • Burywood war auch eine Stadt in Unturned 1 (Das klassische Unturned. Es hatte eine Mauer und war verbarrikadiert. Es war ziemlich klein.
  • It was built near the original grounds of Tignish Campground. As of the 2.1.4 update, the island that houses the campgrounds was connected to the mainland, resulting in the removal of the island.
  • It is also referred to as "Waffletown" if the player has never seen a map because of the "Waffle House" sign at the entrance to the town.
  • There is a brown tree to the west of the water tower that completely dissolves when cut. This leaves no stump, sticks, branches, or logs. It does cause an invisible entity which the player can't walk through which is most likely an invisible stump.
  • It is not recommended to drive a car through Burywood and stop, as this will attract zombies from around the town, resulting in a mass horde.
  • It is possible to construct a long bridge joining Burywood and Belfast Airport in order to cut down greatly on swimming, walking or driving times between the two locations. Such a construction will take roughly 50 wooden foundations to complete.


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